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Social photos are fantastic. A flattering photo with your friends will provide your prospective matches a glimpse into your life in a way that other photos just can’t do. Your smile is more likely to be genuine, your body more relaxed, and there’ll be some confirmation that people are willing to tolerate you for extended periods of time. 

What’s not to love? Well, a lot of things actually. In short: a social photo is only worth it if it’s a damn good picture of you… and by good, I mean physically attractive. 

Do you know what will happen if this photo is a lovely testament to your undying friendship, but you have sweaty armpit stains and marinara sauce on your shirt? The person looking at your profile will smile sweetly at the beauty of friendship and then casually swipe left on you without a second thought. 

As cold as it sounds, most people will not give a flying flip about your lifestyle until they find you attractive. Even someone looking for their soulmate wants to feel attracted to them. Focus on attraction first, and then if we can get a social photo of you looking fly as hell, go for it. 

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And why such complexity? I have many options to attract attention. But everything can be a little easier if your goal is to find a partner for a real date. I have a lot of experience communicating on dating sites and this is my response. I do all my photos as naturally as possible and change the main avatar in that case if my style has changed. 

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