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Hey, I'm going to open my own business here and I need to find quality developers. But there is a small problem. I do not know where to start and what to do at all? Can anyone help me with this?

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It's very cool that you want to open your own business, and even more so that you want to pick up high-quality developers. It seems to me that this is one of the best solutions for business. I hope that you will succeed!

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Hello. Regarding development, I can say that mvp product design helped me a lot. Continuous support and improvement of the system based on user requests and ideas, which are built and implemented in the most efficient way. It's not that building an MVP gives you the right to launch a poor quality product; it all depends on how the product is built.

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Hi and thanks for the great advice. Tell me, please, where can I find information on how to easily write a letter of resignation for an employee? Lately I have a lot of annoying paperwork.
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It's really cool that you can find so much cool information on the Internet. When I started doing business, I didn't have the opportunities that I have now. As for your question, I can recommend that you take a look at the blog https://www.pandadoc.com/blog/how-to-write-a-termination-letter-to-employee/ and get acquainted with a handy program for creating a template.

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Hello everyone. I'm just looking for this kind of information. The fact is that I have a business and it needs to be developed. That's why I need good developers. Thank you in advance for your replies.
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Undoubtedly, you should use as many resources and information as possible to grow your own business. Speaking about business, I want to note that when creating a product, I use a lot of digital technologies. Recently, a friend suggested I use this magento 2 gift site. So if you've never thought about creating your own app site and need to customize the software, I think these guys can help you.

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