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Core Drill Rigs price Product Description The hydraulic pump set, main valve and hydraulic motor of the ZJYX-2000 series full hydraulic core drilling rig are all imported from international brands: the power head is fed, and the lifting adopts the cylinder chain double-speed structure and long feeding process; the power head leaves the orifice according to the way Flip type or translation type; Double motor drive closed circuit for main shaft rotation; 2-speed mechanical gearbox supplemented by hydraulic stepless speed regulation; mast lifts and falls with oil cylinder, which can slide and touch the ground and can be folded; hydraulic system adopts load-sensitive control; The steel-covered belt walks on its own; it is equipped with a high-level workbench and an orifice workbench; it is equipped with hydraulic outriggers and upper and lower guiding devices; the orifice is equipped with a hydraulic gripper, and a digital instrument monitoring system is optional. Technical Specifications Diesel EngineModelZJYX-2000 ModelCummins 6CTA8.3-C240 Power179 Kw Speed2200 rpm Drilling CapacityBQ2000 m NQ1600 m HQ1300 m PQ1000 m Rotator CapacityRPM0-100 rpm(Two shifts/stepless) Max. Torque6400N.m Hole Diameter121 mm Max. Lifting Capacity of Spindle220 KN Max. Feeding Power110 KN Capacity of Main HoistHoisting Force (single wire)120 KN Steel Wire Diameter22 mm Steel Wire Length50 m Capacity of Steel Wire HoistHoisting Force (single wire)15 KN (Bare Drum) Steel Wire Diameter6 mm Steel Wire Length2000 m MastMast Height12 m Mast Adjusting Angle0掳-90掳 Drilling Angle45掳-90掳 Feeding Stroke3800 mm Slippage Stroke1100mm OtherWeight14500 kg Dimensions(LxWxH)6250x2220x2500mm TransportCrawler Mounted Mud PumpModelBW320 Lower HolderClamping Scope55.5-117.5mmCore Drill Rigs price website:http://www.chinazjtk.com/core-drill-rigs/

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